Take 5 Franchising Celebrates Big Wins At Annual Brand Rally

By November 5, 2019October 19th, 2021Brand News

The average temperature in Dallas during August is 96 degrees, but the atmosphere really heated up when Take 5 celebrated its 2nd Annual Rally, themed One Team, Let’s Roll. A revved-up crowd of 550 people attended, including Take 5 Franchise Owners, Shop Managers, Field Leaders, the Corporate Support Center team and vendors.

To see the video highlights of the Rally – click the play button below.

Keynote speakers included Jonathan Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Driven Brands, and Gabe Mendoza, EVP and President of Distribution and Quick Lube of Driven Brands. If there was one unifying theme throughout the Rally, it was the power of teamwork in achieving goals. This was highlighted during the roll out of the Take 5 Commitments, which are: “At Take 5, we take care of our family, our customers, our communities, our brand, and ourselves.”

We demonstrated that care throughout the event, by showcasing individuals and teams who had achieved major accomplishments throughout the year. There were awards for sales, fundraising, employee tenure (30+ years!) and more.

In addition to breakout sessions focused on key topics like providing an exceptional customer experience and how Take 5’s systems support operational excellence, our attendees had time to network, socialize, and celebrate the chance to bond as the Take 5 team.

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