Video Transcript

For video found on Why Take 5.

William Mills: Take 5 is a very compelling franchise opportunity because it’s a very proven business model. There’s a very strong operational team behind the business; there’s great advertising and marketing support, it became a great investment opportunity for my partner and I.

Will Moore: I enjoy being part of the franchise. You have new technicians, opportunity to grow and opportunity for advancement and promise them a career, not a job.

William Mills: There’s other parts of the country where I think Take 5 has a lot of room for expansion, but even within existing markets there’s a lot of room for more stores. The opportunity to work with cars every day, work with a great team within our stores and have the operational support of Driven Brands and Take 5, really sets us up for success.

William Mills: We wanna make sure that everything is quick, easy, convenient and we take care of the customers so they can get out on the road and on with their day.

William Mills: Being able to perform services that really satisfy our customers has been a great experience. Learning that business model and growing with Take 5 has been a great experience for me.